Third Day Back

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I woke this morning at 3AM to do some work for a client in Dallas, found out why my computer was giving me fan errors (I'd stuffed it with various cables,, fan couldn't turn). Re-arranged the computer station so it almost makes sense.

Jaido showed up and we left for Estelí. The larger bags I needed for the apple trees were not available in Condega, but we did successfully find them in Estelí at one of the Plastinic stores. We had a couple of less significant errands.

On the way back we picked up a couple of cubic meters of wood shavings. We have been looking for something to bed the cows; separate their feet and teats from the mud, urine and manure. My courtyard is mud, and getting some grass going is going to have to wait until I can do some more tree pruning.

I think I mentioned that Jaido did indeed get his license. He had never driven anything beyond his moto before, so it's been a challenging three days. He swears that there is no driving test ??? That would explain the way the cars are parked at PriceMart.

He drove back from Estelí, and I only had to grab the wheel a couple of times. He's a quick learner, three years of college, just not enough money to finish. He took the truck up to the farm by himself this afternoon, he drove it yesterday with me without much problem.

One of his younger brothers likes to climb trees, so three of them are going to do some serious "pruning" to get the balance of shade and sun I want. Ariana is going to clean the house, and thy to force some order on the mess I made.

Henry is the mentally challenged kid next door. He has a big heart,, and I try to put him to work whenever I can.
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  1. acc724's Avatar
    nice post..hope the farm dose good..keep us informed on the apples
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