Just another day on Little Corn

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Another morning on Little Corn had me heading out solo as the sun rose and in search of the wily barracuda for the restaurant. As I finished making my trolling set, getting the baits positioned just where I wanted behind the panga, I did a double take at a secluded cove I was passing. Sure enough something odd was on the beach. Laying parallel to the surf and upon the beach was a very large panga probably every bit of 30 feet long and sporting 3 very large outboard engines which turned out to be brand-new 250 horsepower Yamahas (these alone were worth at least 10 grand a piece at a US dealership) no one was in sight and I could make out that the boat was empty except for some plastic 55 drums. I had heard the stories though I could hardly believe my eyes. What I had stumbled upon was a write off as the cost of doing business by the Narcos. These boats are used to hustle loads of dope out to motherships and then thrown away after the crew joins the coke aboard the bigger boat. (Or so the story goes...) I did the only responsible thing I could think of: I tried to raise my boss on the radio so we could grab the prize. Unfortunately, and obviously, we were not the only ones monitoring the radio and "descend like locust" a large part of the male population of Little Corn did. While not the score of a finding a kilo washed up on the beach, getting hold of just one of these engines could be a life changing event for someone who had previously spent their whole life living in a dirt floor shack with black visqueen walls. As I putted back and forth offshore observing the caos: wouldn´t ya know it? The damndest "coincidence" occurred. This little island, usually bereft of any form of law enforcement, had amongst its population this day 2 members of the army sporting machine guns. As they approached the scene they claimed the booty as their own and told everyone to scram. One guy tried to make a run for it with a plastic barrel and they actually shot at him! Some say he got grazed by a bullet others say he got hurt when he fell. I don't know for sure. Anyway, show over for another day and I putted off to another area looking for something to catch...

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