Okay, so June 4th, with power outage and cleaning

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First part of the morning was the usual Nicaraguan morning -- feed the adult fish in the three tanks, get the dog out, keep the dog from jumping all over little kids, get home, think about cleaning the house, go to breakfast across the street and get teased for the 400th or so time for pitching a fit about getting sugar in my coffee, eat breakfast, get a giant chocolate covered vanilla ice cream on a stick and eight rosquillas for Lola. Start looking at Facebook and other on-line forums, and the power goes out.

Apparently, the power never went out in most places in the US before most people moved to Nicaragua, but I distinctly remember Dominion Power in Annadale being flakey as hell. Since I can't waste time on line, I decide to clean the house. My Spanish teacher had asked me Monday why I didn't just hire a part-time housekeeper, and one of the reasons I gave was that I needed the exercise, which I do. . So, instead of reading about fish, cameras, Nicaragua, and what my FB friends were doing, I did a pretty through sweep of the floors, and decided to move the bookcase and computer stand, and got the bookcase to cover the plasterboard blocking a former door to what had been the rest of a bigger house. The other side is a weekend house for a doctor (or two doctors since I don't know what his wife does) who lives in Leon during the week, so I thought having something big and noisy if it crashed to the floor would be good. Also had a plant that needed to get less sun.

The ghost of the doorway is now behind the bookcase, with the top somewhat visible over the dipnet. Most of my books are on my Kindle, by the way.

Fed the fry again and watched the tank for a while. Fish are just livestock that live in water contained by glass, and a lot of keeping them involves watching them to see if they're behaving normally. Any fish like the Convict Cichlid that lives in water with meter long big cichlids tends to be feisty and very very prolific, and also tends to want as much foraging ground for their babies as possible, so there's a certain amount of bluffing, a certain amount of "Come back, honey. It's not worth it," and some quick fast mouth work on someone else's head, lateral line, or fins. One of the males has a scabby looking knot on his head and tends to face me with his other side, so I'm watching this to see if it gets worse, better, or what. I've got some meds for quarantined fish, but pulling him now would disrupt the balance of threat displays and occasional biting that goes on in the tank. Convicts are somewhat social and somewhat very territorial and quite protective of their fry, and even videos taken in the wild show the back and forth between pairs.

Since the power still wasn't on, I completely cleaned as much of the computer and peripherals as I could without taking the cover off the Mac mini. Blew out as much dust as possible, wiped the machine and various cords down with alcohol and tried to figure out the best layout for all the cords coming into the machine.

Bought some more junk food and heard that lights were out all over and would be for a while.

I took some pictures, moved the computer stand closer to the bookcase, and went in my room to play Solitaire on my tablet. When the power came back on, I could hear dripping. The big home-made filter was overflowing. A wad of filter material blocked the return, so I rearranged a plastic strainer so the filter stuff was above the outlet in the five gallon plastic bucket, and cleaned up the water. Fed the fish again and went back on line and read that people wanted to here what daily life was like in Nicaragua.

Sometimes, they're not all that different from average days anywhere. After sunset, I walked the dog, bought a burrito from the guys who run Taqueria La Diabla, take home this time, and a Rosita and came home. Lola finished the taco off after I ate as much as I wanted. Next thing to do is do my Spanish teacher's assignment of watching an hour of Spanish language TV.

Nicaragua is still outside, speaking Spanish and driving trucks, cars, and motorcycles by the house, just not as many as earlier. A dog barks out in the distance, but Lola ignores him, asleep on the tile floor in the doorway between the sala and the kitchen. A gecko barks from the passageway. I need to break this off and watch my hour of TV in Spanish.

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