The electricity and Facebook and all that jazz

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The lights went out about two p.m. on Tuesday. I didn't think anything of it in particular because we'd had a short outage on the weekend, but by five p.m., it was pretty obvious that I was the only one with lights out. I and everyone who came over checked the circuit breakers but they were okay. A friend whose Spanish is better than mine called Enitel and reported the outage and got a trouble ticket number. I took my tablet over to the Sollentuna Hem and posted about it on Facebook, then in the morning went up to the Enitel office and had them check further. My landlord showed up around 1 p.m. to talk to the Enitel guy. He was sure that the work done on the hotel next door caused the problem and took my bill with the trouble ticket number on it off to deal with the problem after talking to the first Enitel guy who showed up. He apparently wants them to re-route the wires so they're not going through a conduit in the hotel's roof.

Two other Enitel guys showed up around 6 p.m., checked the circuit breaker first, then verified that the hotel roof and wind had cut through the wires and repaired them, so I now have luz and lol and wonder if my landlord will get the wires re-routed so this doesn't happen again. I suspected when they raised the roof and routed the wires through it that I might have problems in the future. At least, my meter stopped running when the power went out and nobody was tapping it.

Either the friend who made the call told my landlord that I was having problems or he read my FB post. He still has the trouble ticket and my last payment receipt, so I'll go up to his house on the weekend and take the baby pictures I promised and get the receipt back unless he's planning to get the wires relocated (which would be a good idea in the long run.

When all that was finished, I went out to the new barbecue place which had just opened after washing off the chalk graffiti that some neighborhood kids left on their wall, and had a barbecue sandwich and a beer. Place is nice; prices are in Nicaraguan range. How they deal with the church next door is play music VERY LOUD. Heard more news of the call center from one of the guys who also worked with the school for the deaf-- the people in Managua are planning to move their headquarters here. Jinotega had more reliable power than Managua and is safer for their people who leave at the end of evening shifts. I rather like the idea of call centers as the baby step for developing tech industries in Nicaragua.

The manager of the restaurant was there, too, looking haggard and making sure everyone knew how to do things American style.

Back home, I didn't have enough water pressure to kick in the heater on the shower head, or something is still less than fully right.

Fish appeared to be okay in the morning -- even the newly hatched baby Convicts who haven't fully absorbed their yolk sacs yet that Mom and Dad tucked into a knot hole in a piece of drift wood in the tank.

And I'm revisiting the teaching conversational English thing, but since getting Eclipse fluid into Nicaragua is hard, I'm going to see if the pharmacy guy who asked for English lessons can get me methanol (what Eclipse fluid is) as a substitute.

A bit later in the morning: my landlord showed up with a guy who is going to relocate the wires so they're not going through the hotel's roof (by the way, this isn't the Sollentuna Hem, but another hotel). I'd paid him three months in advance so he'd have capital for something (got a receipt for it and a new lease at the same price) so I'm a good tenant and he's a good landlord (we both had personal references for each other before I moved in here).

Later this afternoon:

The work in relocating the wires is finished. I am temped to wrap the wires from the meter to the conduit into the house in electrical tape. Fausto's guys put in the conduit this morning and then the Disnorte contractors showed up this afternoon and strapped the wire to the conduit. The owner of the Hotel Zoy came out and seemed to be fussing. I said that the work done there had broken my electric lines. This is the better solutuion though I thought the wires would go through the box conduit that the guys put up this morning. Oh, well, tengo electrico and that's what matters.

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