Long distance credit?

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Now that Managua has Walmart. Can I pay here For what I want there?

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  1. el duende grande's Avatar
    If ``here`` is outside the country, I seriously doubt it. Best way would to have somebody on the ground with the cash who will select and pick up the merchadise.
    I am aware of Walmart`s online ordering with local store pickup or mail delivery in the US, but you would have to check with the Nic. Walmart to see if they can do anything like this.
    The US stores are revolutionizing Nic, marketing, but I don`t think they have gotten that far yet. 2 day delivery and free shipping are pretty much a fig-newton of the imagination for expats here.
    If you have a responsible party on the Nic. end, you may want to open a bank account with debit card for them. email the shopping list to them and have them pay and pickup the merchadise. Prepaid visa cards are possibly another option, but I don`t know if you can monitor them online like a regular bank account.
  2. KeyWestPirate's Avatar
    I've been expecting something like this to materialize. There are informal delivery options from PriceSmart in Managua; the guys who do the loading of your stuff can fix you up. I've never tried it, always trucked my own stuff.

    I've tied down a variety of stuff on the top of my Highlander, mattress, dryer, comes to mind. Here again, the loader guys help for a small tip.

    There was a guy in Condega who offered to pick stuff up,, he would get cakes and donuts among other merchandise to re-sell. Problem is, you really need to eyeball what you are buying.
  3. dick cobbs 1's Avatar
    If here is in the U.S. you can get a Walmart Ecom. gift card that is supposed to be good here.
  4. el duende grande's Avatar
    Walmart in Nic is now offering a credit card with an automatic discount built in. I haven't checked out the details but it looks like it may be a winner if there are no fees. Since we do most of out local shopping at maxipali it could be handy.
  5. Daddy-YO's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by el duende grande
    Walmart in Nic is now offering a credit card with an automatic discount built in. . . . if there are no fees. . . .
    Could be very welcome news. All is riding on that "if" - esp., the pesky international transaction fees. We shop to the point of excess at the A/C'd La Union in Leon. Simply buying less is not an option with my wife.
  6. KeyWestPirate's Avatar
    One of the expats (Johnny) is trying to get something set up for a weekly PriceSmart run.

    It seems to be a fair deal to me, even with bigger items, since the freight would be a consideration.

    I'm kind of eager t see it start up. I could find $25 to spend every week.

    Johnny shows up at the weekly expat meetings at Cafe Don Luis in Esteli.
  7. el duende grande's Avatar
    "Simply buying less is not an option with my wife." I feel your pain....

    I believe the credit card is thru banpro, like they are going full Nica on this. Just because Walmart Nic. is owned by Walmart US, it doesn't mean everything is connected. They are 2 different corporations formed in 2 different countries.

    Sometimes you get lucky. When we were in guate we went to the price club they said our Nic. card was good by you had to go by customer service first to get put in the guate system.
  8. Daddy-YO's Avatar
    Yes there is a firewall older than the internet between banks/corps N.A. and S.A. (long recognized as the lands of funny money). I still don't trust 'em down here. No Fed guarantee. I'll investigate BanPro's offer.
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