Good to be BACK

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Hey my fellow Ex pats ,Friends.
good to see nobody has left this world yet, including meself.
Been on a 4+ years hiatus and just getting back on the right track.
Now counting the days till my FULL retirement comes and I permanently move to Nica.
5 more years, GOD willing,I should be there at the TENDER age of 51.
I hope everyone I'Ve had the pleasure of metting is OK.
Johm Wayne,Cookshow,Little corn tom, Johm, 4.5Frijoles,Jack,catahula fan,bikingo.
missed you guys.
I'll try to slowly catch up and start posting at least once a week.
Much love and regars.

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  1. cookshow's Avatar
    Jackass, we been waiting....
  2. FisherCigarman's Avatar
    hey bro, got some mangos and avocados? lol :-P
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