Groceries - a sign of the times..

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So Chilo receives a visit from her sister and her sister-in-law last Thursday. The three were mulling over what to do that afternoon (Chilo works until noon) when the Sister-in-law says.. Hey, today is Thursday, lets go get some groceries.. Well we were all stocked up but Chilo agreed to go anyways..

Well the local Grocery store that all 3 families attend is "Food Basics" (which is a no frills spin off of the Metro uber food corp) . This would mean a right turn from our driveway to the next major street with a left and then 600m from there.. Today they turned left out of our driveway and a zig and a zag down some local streets to the local community center.. Both Sister and S-I-L step out.. Chilo asks them "Where are you going? This is not the grocery store?" .. Both told her that this is the Thursday community food bank... Confused and a little embarrassed Chilo decided to remain in the truck as the two of them walked in and returned about 15 min later with a few full bags of groceries..

Chilo's sister is out of work from an auto parts plany down turn (about 8 months now) and some recent health problems. Her husband is a real piece of work (in the 3F BIL sense, but not "that bad" ) . Chilo's S-I-L has been going to food banks regardless of her financial status for many years..

The reason I write this is because the 2 bags of "Oven Fries" I found in the freezer yesterday evening that I had no recollection of purchasing... The above story was relayed after I asked about the fries.. Apparently they throw out food that they do not like from the food bank hamper and they were about to throw out the fries Chilo offered to take them...

Why they would not give it back baffles me. Oh well

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