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the joys of quarantine

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Still no mail so sent my income tax by DHL. 85 bucks, and to add insult to injury they did not have change for a 20 so I had to go find a coyote because the chica was alone and could not leave the office. Reminds me why I don't mind lockdown--at home I don't have to do other people's jobs for them. or so I think.

Weather decent, sunny or bright shade for the mornings, cloudier afternoons. It is drier and the mudholes are going away. Canicula should be just around the corner.

Neighbor hit me up for a small donation to bring in a truck of balastre to fill in the worst holes in our entry road. good for him, it was worth the price of admission to hear his comments about the other SH neighbors who would not lift a finger to do anything. Onward to more victories!

Construction going on 2 lots down. Good crew lead by an engineer and it is going well. They even clean up their messes as they go rather than working in a great CF. Musak isn't too bad but it is driving my wife nuts. Heads up if you ever buy in a new tract, you will never get any quiet for years. He is playing both sides, putting in a septic with valving so he can go to either his septic or to our failing sewer system.

La Colonia full of employees stocking shelves/ hardly any room to walk down an aisle. A few things missing but no empty shelves. Streets pretty disserted, action is for paydays and weekends. Mall parking lot was empty. Banks and minmart are the main draw. Tenants in center section moved out and spaces were gutted but no sign of new tenants. Movistar now goes by the name Tigo or something.

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  1. Daddy-YO's Avatar
    For the first time in a long life of learning to live with the US bureaucracy, I e-filed my 1040. It was something of a pain in my seat cushion cause I didn't have any of the various 1099 forms it asks for details from. Some banks include them on your internet account page. Others put me on phone hold for more than 20 min's and then say they can't give me that information, call your local. Perseverance pays (for living in Nicaragua too). Cost me zip. I still need to do a state filing.

    Home ownership in Nicaragua must have its bene's, but I rent, and am content doing so.

    Ditto for our 'supers' in Leon, chocked full of everything but customers. And here too the employees own the aisles.

    Most still wear masks, but more & more these days are showing naked lips & nostrils. Significantly, Pan y Paz re-opened for business full time. Just Tues & Fri AM take-out was a tease. Their French breads & cheeses make a pandemic bearable. And they make sandwiches with pesto. The un-McD's. One can OD on burgers. Bar baro offers excellent steaks & cebiches & hummus. And El Mirador remains the top watering hole at sundown.

    Leon has the gumption to flourish. Nicaragua will soon open to Europeans, Brits & Aussies. Americans may have to wait.
  2. KeyWestPirate's Avatar
    I've been to that DHL agent in Estelí, the price is a rip,, should be half that or less.

    For the girl,, she gets one DHL envelope a day,, and she has made some serious money.

    Does it track within Nicaragua, how long to MGA ?? and that means that there must be SOME plane flying to get it out of the country. Stuff is arriving by some means,, witness the hydroxy donation from India.
  3. el duende grande's Avatar
    Cargo has not been stopped, just passengers who have cudies. Or is it cooties? Dhl is freight, your letter is a package. Sucks. 3 day delivery with tracking, plus I had to write a check so when they cash it I know they got the return. M/L, one time it took them 2 years to process the return after cashing the check. I looked it up online once and DHL Esteli was 20 bucks more than MGA. I guess an add-on commish like buying saldo from a pulperia.

    When Correos is up they are 27 bucks, 15 day delivery with tracking if you track real good. The 2 times that I did it they made it in 10 days.
    Online filing never worked for me here. Maybe next year with a few tricks and VPN? People who don't really live here don't know how much it sucks when you are trying to get things done.

    Consulate will do mail for voting and probably other stuff, but who wants to travel 200 miles? At least they will be empty so few germs...
  4. bill_bly_ca's Avatar
    Our 3rd largest Telecom (Telus) just anounced that the WFH regime will continue to the new year

    In our facility only 30 is % of the people are actually in the office.
  5. el duende grande's Avatar
    If you are talking about work from home, I think the trap is set. Employees will be told to continue working from home and sooner, rather than later, employers will figure out that they can pay people less. No commuting cost, no work clothes, no restaurant lunch-- What do you need all that money for?
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