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National Tambor month cancelled

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With the schools closed we haven't been serenaded with the beating drums for the last month. Patriotic Days are upon us and all quiet in the morning. Parades later. Traffic to watering holes in Tisey high this weekend. Covid, parades, family gatherings, and juaro are a potent mix. Good thing we have Swedish health care so there will be no spike in cases in 7 days. Some stores have been backing off on their safety protocols. Let's see if Nicaraguan exceptionalism holds.

Another plague upon the land-- the news and internet. Nic has its share of bad things, with rape/murder of children being one. But now it is being broadcast all over instantly and people with cel phones and too little to do with their time are pushing the edges of paranoia. Reminds me of manipulative jerks of 100% News TV before they got shut down.

We had a birthday party for the niece's kid. Way too many peepul for my tastes but at least the main group spread out on the lawn away from the tiny house. Dog and friends in hog heaven with a ton of steak bones. The cagey ole gringo does the welcomes and chit-chat, then mysteriously disappears to the greenhouse with his tabla with downloaded videos. Once you have seen 10 million pinatas you have seen them all, especially in wuflu season.

Seem to be a lot of restaurants opening and various little ventas. Dime store cactus and succulents in small pots are the rage. people are bored and need something to do. Amazing how those who ate it in the shorts financially over the last couple years just seemed to have melted away and thems with billetes are very obvious.

My wife had something (fortunately minor) stolen out of the back of the pickup at a stop sign. SOP in mga for years but our first experience here. She also got conned out of 50 cords by an estafador working the far end of Salsa Kayro. Judging by the size of the wad he had it is amazing how a clipboard, and sad story of a campo girl who got kicked by a horse and needs knee surgery can get people to open their wallets for stupid. As I told her later, Nic. has more con men than good samaritans.

I never had much problem with beggars/con men. 50 years ago an old Mexican showed me the ropes-- you hiss at them and motion them to get the F off of your sidewalk. Very effective, but I found it a little tacky for my tastes. I quickly replaced it with a monotone "no, gracias", keep moving, and don't make eye contact.

Other than that, lots of rain but the hurricanes are hitting north of Nic. so far this year. Noticed the lot in front of us flooded this morning out of proportion to the rain we had. Wife went on cardio walk and reports a water pipe broke in the usual spot, flooding 2 streets. We have been watching this pipe break in the same spot for 10 years. Enacal claims big trucks run over it when they cut the corner so a couple of years ago they installed not 1 but 10 concrete posts painted bright yellow and blocking the sidewalk and part of the road. Now my anal retentive mind would have suggested fix it right once and be done with it, but I digress.

Happy holidays, stay safe and stay sober!

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  1. el duende grande's Avatar
    So, one of the relatives is stuck in a bus. She was coming back from the far northern boonies when, as I understand it, a tree fell across the road and a car passed or swerved or something and killed a motorcyclist. Now she is stuck waiting for somebody to remove the tree and for the poilce to finish a fatal auto wreck investigation. I once got stuck for 2 hours waiting for the coroner etc. on a dark road in Tisey. At least with this woman somebody put a sheet over her body before the news arrived to take pictures. The 2 muchachos in Tisey lay there likes sacks of potatoes the whole time.

    Which also reminds me that in my time here as a mild-mannered hubilado, I have seen more people dead up close and personal, like their eyes, or eye sockets, staring up into space, than I did in a year in Vietnam.

    De ja vue all over again. A couple months ago we were going north on the Panam to Rosa Linda Nursery (2 thumbs up, incidentally) and a young woman was sprawled Raggedy Ann doll style in the opposite lane. Seems she had got off the bus with her baby in her arms and was crossing the street when they were hit by a speeding moto. She was dead instantly and the baby was transported to the hospital in serious condition. Speeding around stopped buses is a northern tradition. Anyway, the moto's passenger was dumped on the pavement but stuck around to ID the hit and run driver. I don't know, but I think the bus passengers helped convince him to stick around and cooperate with John Law.

    I am liking quarantine more all the time.
  2. Daddy-YO's Avatar
    I am liking quarantine more all the time.
    Too much of the wrong kind of "reality" can cause most anyone to OD, to want to curl up in a corner with fantasy video and a bottle of FdC.

    On first settling into Nicaragua, watching a crime reporter on TV, they showed a dead man laying face down in the street in Managua who'd just been killed by punks robbing him. Showing the camara where he'd been knifed, the reported rolled the man by his shoulder and all his guts spilled out. For the doubting Tomas in the audience. No editing, raw TV. And no crime scene etiquette, as if it might get investigated.

    When we saw a man get knifed in the back near Jinotega's bus terminal, I just froze, stunned in disbelief. He was a big man carrying a slop bucket on his shoulder. The assailant had slipped a large stainless Bowie-style knife into the man's kidney a good 6". He cleaned the blade off after withdrawing it and walked away. The bucket fell immediately and as the man staggered across the road a crowd gathered and people started screaming. We were all speechless. We went to a coffee shop, saying nothing. That ended our sightseeing trip.
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