20 Yrs ago today....

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I had my first date with Chilo..

OK.. It was my first date ever...

I was on contract for a film company (IMAX) working on some cool 3D glasses for Expo 90 in Osaka Japan. The company that won the contract (SG Smallwood and Co. a real sweat shop, still operating today) to assemble the Glasses was in Kitchener and I was working there since the first of the year (1990). While Chilo was not in the group assembling the glasses she could see me from her work station to my work station and she would whistle occasionally. Her job was laminating transformers, chokes and coils.

I had asked her out for a coffee 3 days prior to which she declined . I found out afterwords she had no idea what I asked (and thought it was some thing nasty) and thought she should say no.. I then changed my working arrangement so she could not see my workstation anymore. Confused, she brought in an intermediary who got us together...

We exchanged notes that day and each translated with our dictionaries and went out for a coffee that evening... One date led to another to which I eventually bought her a small electronic dictionary for translation. We both still have the notes and the translator (which still works).

Time goes so fast..

Above picture is not the oldest of her, but the oldest on line.. Stanly Park Vancouver.. We drove there in summer 91.. After that she knew what a "Big Country" was...

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  1. Daddy-YO's Avatar
    It was twenty years ago today
    Sergeant Pepper taught the band to play . . .

    A beautiful picture of a beautiful gal.

    On a visit to Canada with my wife & kids I lost a video cassette in the ivy underbrush in one of the fir groves in Stanly Park in Vancouver. A spectacular city, very civilized . . . but I understand now it's call Han-couver after the 1997 mass exodus of Chinese-British citizens from Hong Kong. Some of them were probably practiced at setting up sweatshops.

    Are those the same glasses being used for 3D TV?
  2. bill_bly_ca's Avatar
    3D glasses

    Yes - A product of Lenny Lipton.. Penman to "Puff the Magic Dragon" .. He started a company for 3D (Stereographics) he formed in the mid 80's that was just sold ... I guess he is now in the land of "HonaLee"

    They called it Hong-couver for quite a spell, but less so now .... We have yet to return. Hope to some day soon.
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