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Watching the airline situation for gp. If the others open up within a couple weeks some sort of sucky new normal will prevail. right now their websites are all screwed up. Airport reports Aeromex flights from Cancun but their website is silent. Charters?

Also, anything less than daily flights is really tough to google unless you know exactly which days. Seems Avianca arrives 2 days per week and leaves 2 days. A couple airline websites choked and died when I pushed the "flexible dates" button. give it all a couple weeks.

Got word a neighbor's father died of covid and was express buried same morning. People are wondering if the 9 day thing will be able to take place as the family should be in voluntary quarantine. Hard to send flowers to an express burial.

Grandkid's are here more often. One goes to brick and mortar school 1 day a week, the other is preschool. Mom has been staying home with them but her employee is out so she has to cover the store.

Typical yo-yo weather. Hot bordering on nasty in the morning, then it clouds up and occasionally rains in afternoon of night time. Murder on people with sinus conditions but with all the clean and isolation haven't heard of gripes in ages.

Some of the language of this Foreign Agent law sounds creapy, even for hubilados that don't really give a crap about anything. Hope it is just for people on somebody's actual payroll.

Other than that, just another shitty day in paradise.

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