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Seasons' Greetings!

Visited friends in the campo--carpenter had his hand power tools robbed from his shop which is pegado a su casa de tablas. No doubt a friend or neighbor, but they have street visibility so maybe a spotter got them.

Got home to thick traffic, hospital to entrada de rosario packed but moving slowly southbound lane worse. Only saw one accident, car rearended a car that stopped for a bus that stopped in the main lane to unload passengers.

Its boleado, the worst of the year- el hypico. Sat nite nochedde compras y Sun horse fest. thieves and drunks por todos lados.

Later got a call from the kids--their new house was broken into while they slept. Suspects are everybody who toched a key durng the construction. Remember to change your locks frequently, although tough to do as they are weldeed on. Lost their TV, moto, and 2 cell phones, 1 of which was pricey. Doubly sad because these are people who earn their money.

Speaking of the diamond of the segovias, about a month ago we brought a tech in for our security cameras. One had died and another wasn't aimed right. Seems the original techshit ran a wire through a rain gutter. Anyway we got everything fixed and added 2 more for a total of 8. Funny how I never even though of cameras back in Civilization.

Going to rearange our dogs at night-- wish my wife's jardenerias well...

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    Subway and Caesers pizza have popped up on the panam. Sometimes reliable source says pizza is good and reasonably priced, takeout only. Subway is less desireable after I read what their meat is made of.

    Wife had a surgery lately, all is well and she is ending the recovery period. Thanks to the people's president and the spiffy INSS hospital in mga. Bolanos wouldn't have done shit for her. Maybe bolanos was a Republican? Surgery was free and appeared first rate, but of cource I was stuck with transport, hotels, and food. She asked once if I could join INSS but they said I was too old. Pooh.
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