Who's up for a treasure hunt?

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From W. E. Johns' Biggles Flies West

'Now then! Here we are, ' murmured Biggles, drawing a rough oval on the map with a lead pencil. 'Here is Providence, the island Dick's father and Deutch saw when they were in the open boat, but on which they could not effect a landing. Instead, they drifted away to the south-west, like this' - Biggles followed a south-westerly course with his pencil - 'and here we come to a whole lot of little islands. As you can see, most of them are such mere specks that they wouldn't be shown on an ordinary atlas. Some of them are probably nothing more than cays, which are really only glorified sandbanks... ... This is the area we have got to explore. I don't think it's any use thinking of trying to make a base among the islands themselves because it would not be possible to get petrol there, or stores. Kingston, Jamaica, is too far away; so is Port of Spain. But we needn't worry about that. The nearest island isn't more than a couple of hundred miles from the mainland, a matter of two hours flight at the very outside, so there should be no particular hardship in flying to and fro. So what we've got to do is choose a town on the mainland where we can get fuel and food. '

'How about Marabina?' suggested Algy.

'I was just looking at it; it ought to suit us admirably; in fact, I don't think we could do better, ' replied Biggles.

'Marabina? That's a new one on me, ' declared Ginger.

'I've never heard of the place, either, ' confessed Dick, who, with the others, was leaning over Biggles's shoulder looking at the atlas.

'It's the capital of one of those funny little countries in Central America, tucked in between Costa Rica and Honduras, ' Biggles told him as he closed the book. 'It's on the Pan-American air route to South America, so we ought to have no difficulty in getting petrol there. I expect it's a marine airport; most of them are along that stretch, which means that we shall need a marine aircraft. '

Looks like Little Corn Island to me. Tom, have you dug around on your lot yet?

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