I love this song

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Thou depressing,it's scary how much truth there is within it's lyrics .
I just wanted to share it with you guys

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Updated 05-06-2010 at 10:08 AM by FisherCigarman

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  1. Daddy-YO's Avatar
    Yeah, Cigarman. it captures what we watch on the evening news. You'd think we've tuned into the greatest show on Earth: the collapse of Western Civilization. Still it does get me thinking.

    1965. After JFK gets assassinated Vietnam becomes important. Between the USA and the Soviets, the nuclear build-up was enough to turn Earth into a cinder (how it all began). Not to mention all the post-nuclear holocaust movies. And Mao was purging China of non-believers by the millions. "Eve of Destruction" - sure, lot's thought so then.

    Today there's hope. Okay, we've still got apocalyptic movies, but the world is smaller in ever sense and more socialistic and more capitalistic than ever (not that there aren't growing pains or flaws with Papa-Fidel control nuts, or in unbridled money greed) but a sign of the times is people everywhere are becoming addicted to goo-gaws & junk food (NOT a hope, but more are getting fed, and all see the many obese gringos, so they'll be more cautious) and they'll fight to die for the right to vote in places. Commerce is good. People that trade visit, talk and learn each other's language, customs & habits, instead of shooting first. Trade today works best with exchange of capital, goods and people. And sharing when ya got plenty ain't bad. We grow together. Who ever said it'd be easy, being human?

    Sloan's line, "you're old enough to kill but not for votin',..." gets a lion's share of the credit for the 26th amendment to the US Constitution. (Interestingly, the only other song he wrote that I recognized is "Secret Agent Man".)

    There I did it again. I said too much.
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