Nicaraguan Slangs/Dichos

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Slangs are a Nicaraguan way of every day life, some people consider some slangs as "vulgar" yet, those who are interrested in learning the language in my humble Nicaraguan opinion, Slangs are essential, the good thing about it is that you don't necessarily have to use the slangs but, rather know what they mean

Anybody likes to know what the heck someone may be calling you or talking about, below I will put a few slangs that just came to my head, lets see if I get some cooperation from my fellow Nics from this lovely community. I will add more as they get remembered from my early years.

I am Posting These Slangs for Educational Purposes Only,<u> Do not Use </u> these slangs/dichos, in a formal conversation, since most of them are considered Vulgar. :-)

What's up?: Kiubo? Kiubole? que Ondas? Que Onzas? Que Furul? Que hay?

Dumb: Tonto, Atontado, Atolondrado, Ajambado,

One that follows or listens to anything they tell him : Jalame La yegua.

What up bro?: Kiubo mae? Que hay broder? Tonces compa? Paso Fiera?

Bolo,Piruca,: Drunk, Very drunk: andar hasta el queso,andar hasta el llegue,andar mamado

Andar un Tigre: To be hungry

Andar en yaga, Andar Palmado,Andar Pila: To be broke

Ladron,Riña,Tamal: Thief

Puchica!!: Damn!!!

Wholy cow!!: a lachucha!! juepuchica!! alagrande!!

Darn good: Tuanis, deacachimba!!

Safate: Get out of here

Me safo!!: I am leaving!! I am out of here!

Sos Fiera: You are the man!

Ideay?: what happened? what's wrong

No seas maje: Don't be a fool

Te las das de Tuanis!!: Te las das de Tuanis!! You think your crap don't stink

Solo voz sabes!!: Yeah right!!

Como no chon!!: Yeah right!!

Nel Pastel!!: Nel Pastel!!: no way Jose!! I don't think so!

Nel: nop

La Vieja!!: Up Yours!

La Vieja muca!!: Up Yours!

Varas: Bucks, 30 varas: 30 Bucks

Bolas: Bucks: 30 Bolas= 30 Bucks

"Dar Sopa de muñeca": To beat some one up, specially is referred to, when the man beats up the mujer/esposa/querida.

if you give your companion "Sopa de muñeca": means you beat the living $hit out of her, Not a good thing.

Anona: Means= Damn Right!!

Just like A no Chon!!: You bet your A$$

A no Pues!!: That's right

A no!!: Yup

Esperando algo Como Agua de Mayo: Means Wanting something or hoping for something, like May Rains, or Water in the Desert,is when you want something really bad.

The Term Agua De Mayo: is how bad Farmers wait on the May rains,which tells them when to start their Corn/Beans Harvest., If the rains start Too Late in May they run the risk of having a bad harvest.

"Cipote/Chiguin" con juguete nuevo: meaning Kid/Child with a new toy "I am acting like a kid with a new toy"

Tilila or Pansa: is a dicho for Belly

Like Nicoya Mentioned.

Try Not To!! Use these in a formal conversation(unless is with a friend),since most of these are considered vulgar,most of these are used between Friends, it is good to know them thou,specially if you are Not A Nicaraguan, that way you'll know if someone is cussing you out in a slang.

Once again Enjoy Responsibly :-)

Like Always, any questions/suggestion on this subjet, post them here.


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  1. Daddy-YO's Avatar
    Thanks for the list FisherCigarman! Here's some more,

    What's up?: Que hay de nuevo viejo? Como está la marijuana?
    Dumb: tarado, estupido, babosa, idiota, chocho
    to be very drunk: andar hasta el culo
    To be broke: andar lavado, no hay feria
    Damn!!! (Movie subtitles use: maldicion!!) Puta!! La puta madre!
    Wholy cow!!: a la gran puchica!! jue puta!!
    Darn good: que salvaje! chevere! (not so Nica, in telenovelas))
    Get out of here! -- jalate! largate! andate a la mierda! a la chingada grande!
    I am leaving!! I am out of here! -- Me largo! Me jalo!
    You are the man! -- Sos chispa! Sos viva!
    Don't be a fool -- No seas santo cachon!
    You think your crap don't stink -- Te creas la muy muy! Te la lanzas! Creas que tus pedos salgan por la nuca!
    Yeah right!! -- Te voy a creer tu cuento chino!
    no way Jose!! I don't think so! -- Olvidese chocho!
    Up Yours! -- Tu abuela en bikini en bicicleta! Tu madre! (La tuya en vuelta en cabuya!)
    Bucks, 30 Bucks -- 30 maracandacas, la lana, titiclines (Don Francisco), la feria
    when a man beats up his woman -- dar su cachimbaso! darle una buena penquiada! le dio para sus puros!
    Waiting or hoping for something, when you want something really bad. -- el que espere desespere
    big Belly -- barigon! panzon! que se merenda timba!
    Abandoned at the altar. Left in the lurch. -- me dejaste como la novia de tola, vestida y alborotada
    old geezer with a sweet, young thing -- gato viejo - ratón tierno
    give an inch and they'll take a mile -- a quien le dan pan para que llore
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