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I need to ship 2 cameras from Los Angeles to Managua. I called a delivery service who charges $375.00 but my dad went to the Post Office and they said they will do it for $40.00 plus insurance. Has anyone sent any packages U.S. Postal?

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  1. tresfrijoles's Avatar
    In about 7 years of shipping little and big things to Nicaragua using the US Postal system, only 2 things were ever lost. 1 package of books using the old Gbag system which no longer exists, and a knecklace (worth about U$30 dollars).

    The only thing which will drive you nuts is that some things will get to Managua is 2 weeks, and others will get there in over a month. You really never know when it will get to its destination, but if it is near major holidays, expect a very long wait.
  2. MizBrown's Avatar
    I've shipped a camera to Bulgaria and got various camera gear in exchange from Bulgaria. Make sure to use tracking.
  3. goatboss's Avatar
    We have received 3 out of 4 packages shipped USPS. The 3 were all from the same source and the forth was from a commercial enterprise. There is no tracking after package leaves the US but you can't beat the price. Fed X, UPS etc all want $200 and up.
  4. WIMAR's Avatar
    Similar experiences and I agree; you can't beat the USPS prices, vs. the other options.
    Make and be sure to buy the American Insurance - The other writer is correct; once the packages leaves USA customs, there is absolutely no tracking system and you just wait until the customs in Nicaragua call you to pick up.

    If it's an item of quality and they inspect it, be prepared to pay for the appropriate taxes (15-25%), plus what they call a "single-importer" fee, also a %, based on the item that's being "imported." It all depends if your item is inspected, etc.

    Also; as the other writer mentioned; if you ship around X-mas, or other Nicaraguense Holidays - be prepared to wait a long time.

    All in all, for the price, is a good deal, if you are willing to wait for the item and wait further, if lost, to claim your insurance in the United States.

    Take good care everyone.

    William Lopez
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