Now this is telicommuiting

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So I arrived Thursday (the 4th) and spent about 2 hours fighting the Movistar Dongle (my bad.. coming post in esquila technica)

Thursday 7PM I was up and running and managed to VPN into work and clean up Thursday's outstanding questions.

Friday again I managed to address a bunch of stuffs that would just have become tempests in a tea pot for when I return. It never fails that for every day I take off work 1.5 to 1.75 days of work accumulates.

Saturday was picture day with 550 pictures taken. Saturday went late with the entire tribe here. I edited pictures until 2:30 and went to bed.. All the others continued their libations until , well until I woke the next morning at 8:00.

I continued editing through the corse of the day and finished up at 9:30 PM with 305 finals for them to print.

Today again there were 3 or 4 issues that a wet finger pinch on the fuse were able to diffuse. And I even get to book a meeting for Friday (first day back in the office)

I now sit at the kitchen table listening to Marta's new (t0 her) washing machine chugging away, a Pot of perked Toro for the taking , and Marta doing a fairly brisk business from her new house fromt parts store (5 customers between 8 and 10) Not nearly as brisk as her old store (that her husband owned but fell from her hands and she ended up as an employee for 8 yrs before it closed) but it is growing.

A few more reports to write and then off to San Marcos for the afternoon

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  1. Daddy-YO's Avatar
    Saturday was picture day with 550 pictures taken.
    Wow. I'm thinking about what YOU saw then, I mean, the images that entered YOUR visual cortex had to have been nearly all filtered through the ass-end of a camera. . .
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