Gueguense's take on costa rican expansionism

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Once again Costa Rica dredges up the Rio San Juan Issue to keep Nicaragua unstable to suit its designs.

Costa Rica is scared shitless that Nicaragua will take back its rightful place in central america. Recently there was news that the Pellas would invest a massive $250 million dollars in the Rivas region. This threatens Costa Rican tourism in the long term.

Costa Rica is also worried about a potential new deep sea port on Nicaragua's caribbean coast that would boost the economy and increase trade flows that now have to travel to Puerto Cortez in Honduras the main port where Nicaraguan goods to the East coast have to travel to due to certain american security regulations.

Costa Rica's state policy is to rely on cheap Nicaraguan labor for its agricultural sector now that Costa Ricans shun hard labor and prefer easy jobs such as cabana boys and call girls. It is no secret that Costa Rica is the Thailand of central america.

If nicas were to remain in Nicaragua because of increased opportunities, this would cause a severe dislocation in the Costa Rican economy.

This Costa Rican tempest in a teapot is designed to make Nicaragua a "bad place" and frighten foreign investment there.

What is telling about this is the shrillness of Costa Rica in this latest spat. Even with the trompudo's disastrous government, there is some potential glimmer and this has the ticos scared shitless.

Back in the Somoza days, Costa Rica never raised the San Juan River issue. Why? because Nicaragua was the place where many Ticos worked in the cotton fields and agricultural sector during the 1960's. Also the Guardia Nacional would have marched to San Jose, and the ticos knew it.

Now they have become so brazen that the Ticos have ultimately designs on Nicaragua's large lakes. If you steal the San Juan River, the Ticos say, the lakes are next.

This is the end game. Also bear in mind that in the future, wars will not be about oil but about water, and there is plenty of water in those lakes!.

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  1. Daddy-YO's Avatar
    Gotta love it! True to character GŁegŁense. Enough of the pimsy-pamsy diplomatic bull pucky in the news. It's about time for a truly slanted homeland perspective.
    Now I'm fuming, to think of those dirty, scurrulous, sleazy, underhanded, vituperative Ticos!

    Thanks great, dancing macho rat of the land of lakes & volcanos!
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