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Yuca, beans, and quiquisqe are my new comfort foods. There's an indescribably warm and satisfying feeling I get when I eat them, like no other food can provide. Mac and cheese is nice, but these Nica staples are more basic and elemental.

Getcha some!

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Updated 01-17-2011 at 01:37 PM by Jonh

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  1. cookshow's Avatar
    Throw in plantain, and you are at my house. I actually love beans, but have never adapted to beans and rice, unless it is done Island Style with coconut oil and milk, and even that I can only take in small portions. A neighbor boils beans to sell so a pot is never more than a few steps away. My late morning meal most of the year, especially the dry months when I am outside all day is fried plantain and beans, maybe a scoop of rice on the side if there is some on the stove. Just enought to keep you going, but not slow you down.
  2. Jonh's Avatar
    If the plantains are in the form of tostones, I will eat them all day long like candy. The other way, split and fried, are good but only in limited quantities.
  3. El Greco's Avatar
    Tostones are Awesome! You can actually spread some refried beans and a piece of mozarella cheese, or queso ahumado(smoked Nica cheese) and bake it in the oven until the cheese melts, once out of the oven top them off with some pico de gallo, And We're Rockin and Rollin
  4. Daddy-YO's Avatar
    I've evolved to the point where I crave red beans; I've become a committed frijolero. Not that I'm no longer un pinche gringo, however, my wife is directly working on that aspect of my personality. I would like more yuca, but I only get that dependably when my mother-in-law visits, and, believe me, she's welcome anytime. Daily we eat gallo pinto con queso seco frito y madura frita, mmmmmmmm tummy smile, washed down with plenty of smooth Selecto café. Quequisque isn't regular fare, but I like it with meat & carrots. I've gotten very accostumed to my wife's refresco de granadilla + OJ. Her guiso con ayote tierno, a squash & cheese casserole is to die for.

    Her favorite Nica food is güirila, tortillas made in Matagalpa with maiz tierno, con quijada. (There is no close second for her.)

    Comfort. I'm comfortable with what she sets before me. Even a cup of milk with pinolillo can sometimes bridge the hunger gap in style.
  5. cookshow's Avatar
    I eat a lot of beans and for the price they are hard to beat. I usually add some onion, peppers (hot and sweet), tomatoes, and of course on occasion some of Daddy-Yo's favorite herb culantro.

    Plantain, I got 2 acres of it, you can only imagine.

    Frescos, you name it, here it is Calala and OJ, one of the best. Week before it was fresh Sorrel (Jamaica), nice.

    This morning I got 2 Avocado and a woman gave me a Mamay down the road, so along with the 3 Yellowtail Snapper I got in the fridge, some beans, and some plantain I will cook up something, also have a few pounds of a neighbors green beans I may cook.

    The past few weeks the cheese has been very good, little salt. A nice addition to the line-up.
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