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While cruising this site, I noticed there was a spot at my profile page for me to create a photo album, so I did. In it, I have posted pictures of some of the kids from Nicaragua I have met over the years, and have added more pictures from time-to-time.

Having done so, I thought I would look to see who else may have also created a photo album and it appears there is not a good/easy way to do this - that I could find, anyway. I tried going to several notable photogs' profiles (can anyone say Bill, for example?) to see if they had albums posted, and didn't find any.

Where's this going? I don't know. Maybe I have something set wrong. Or, maybe the album on this site is more like a repository where I can temporarily store pictures until I eventually post them in a thread. Or, maybe no one else has run across this feature.

Regardless, if anyone wants to see pictures of some of the great Nicaraguan kids I've encountered over the years, feel free to visit my profile page and browse the pictures. Enjoy.

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  1. cookshow's Avatar
    Pain in tha ass to post photos, maybe someone can tell me the trick and I would post a few hundred. Maybe it is me, maybe the software, maybe who knows what.

    I have a 256 connection, sorry it is the best I can afford, doubt this slow connection helps.
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