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    I just checked the hurricane center and note that it is headed right at you with max sustained winds of 60 mph
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    Hey John it blowing yet?
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    hi yall
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    I have the articule on Obama OBAMA SOARING RHETORIC, EMPTY SUIT /2008 was supposed to be the year the democrats won the presidency in a landslide it ain’t working out that way. At this point the race is too close to call. What happened?
    During the democratic primaries the world was introduced to Barack Obama. He was not only a new face, he was articulate and charismatic. He made himself the candidate of “hope” and “change”. In a hard fought and close primary campaign, he used those two words – hope and change – to beat the highly regarded Clinton political machine and win the democratic nomination for president.
    Along the way, a funny thing happened. People started asking questions. What did hope and change look like? Empty words, no matter how well spoken, are still just empty words. People wanted details. After 8 years of George Bush, 80% of the country believes the U.S. was going in the wrong direction. The majority of Americans no longer believe their government represents them. President Bush’s job rating is at an all time low. The congress – Republicans and democrats alike – have a job rating approval of 14%, the lowest in history. Most people in the U.S. believe the political system is broken, regardless of whether democrats or republics are in charge.
    Barack Obama recognized Americans anger and frustration with their government and tailored his campaign accordingly. But now, people want specific details of how he will help them with their problems health care, inflation, control of govt. spending, jobs, the war in Iraq and security for our country in an increasingly dangerous world.
    And what have they heard? On domestic issues, Obama is an old fashioned tax and spend liberal. The national journal rated Barack Obama as the most liberal member of the senate in 2007. Number 1 in his view is there is no problem the government can’t solve – If only congress had enough money! Obama’s spending plans will add 330 billion dollars to an already record budget deficit. His national health plan calls for insuring 12 million illegal aliens. He will raise taxes. In this “change you can believe in?” In Obama’s defense, if he did not hold these views, he would not be the democratic nominee. The primaries are controlled by the left wing of the democratic party- the move on – org focks. This is why Bill Clinton has been the only two term democratic president since FranklinDelanoRoosevelt. Humphry, Mcgregorn, Dukakis, Kerry- all from the left wing of the Democratic Party, and all losers – Being left wing candidate in a center-right country always comes to tears.
    In 2000, Obama was against invading Iraq. He was right. In 2007, he was against “The surge” to send another 30,000 troops into Iraq, he said it would fail. He was wrong. Violence has been reduced in Iraq by 80%.
    In early August, Russia sent 1,000 tanks and 30,000 Russian troops into Georgia, a small democratic country on Russias border. What was Obamas response? He said “both Georgia and Russia must show restraint” Huh? John McCain called it what it was, a Russian invasion, and said Russia must leave now. Who do you want as commander in chief? This year, the democratic nominee certainly should win.
    The problem is the more people learn about Barack Obama, the less likely they are to vote for him. Soaring rhetoric or not.
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    Hey John,

    You around? I have tried to contact you, but, no response.

  6. John:
    Question. Has the fresh fish export out of Puerto cabezas been solved yet?
    Bluefields, panga to Rama, surfact to Managua seems the only way. But what about Puerto Nothing yet?
  7. Hey you are talking about my wife, and yes sometimes she sucks.....

    Terry Golden is afilated with some strong partners in Key West and Yes we are working on a project to devolope the yellowtail fisheries, but you know how things happen here....SLOWLY.......

    wHICH IS HOW AND wHY I have not responded..........

    the best contact with me is.... I check it every day religiously.....
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    Hi JPJW,

    Your telephone answering service sucks!

    I´ve been trying to get through to talk to you for about two weeks. The phone is usually turned off. When it is not, your wife or children answer and take a message from me asking you to call me. But, you never do.

    I´m trying to find out about the gringo (last name Golden) who I met about a month ago in Pto. He says that he is working with you on your yellow tail snapper project. He expressed great interest in working with me on an inland tilapia project. Should I get involved with him?

    Best to you and family!
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When that thang Busted

by Just Plain John Wayne on 02-27-2013 at 07:33 PM
Ya'll bear with me a bittill ya see EOM on the last post before any comments if ya would.Reason being I want to keep the photos along with the text. I havenot the skills others do like Catahoola Fan does in making aprofessional lookin' presentation. It will I am sure take me a bit toget it all in so the whole writing flows from one page to the next.Thanks in advance.. JW

Now I have said before,and I will do so again; that when I did come to the DAC (DangerousAtlantic Coast)

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my lost children 11

by Just Plain John Wayne on 02-06-2010 at 04:18 PM
So the Calico Scallop industry was winding down in Florida......

People complaining about the smell, the use of 200 and some gallons of potable water to process a gallon of the meats on shore in the plants.....

BTW nobody died digging in that old ordenance dump site, they just caught a bunch of old bullets......

The Vonna Shrimp company out of Jacksonville Fla. was doing reserch and devolopment with the Royal Red shrimp in 1200 feet of water off the coast,

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I have no illusions

by Just Plain John Wayne on 02-05-2010 at 08:21 PM
What with the recent loss of our friend Dan.....

My father the He Coon at 59, his brother at 60......

Just turning 57 myself......

Miskito Alan at 59.....

Life is pretty hard sometimes.......

And I often wonder why God put it on our asses so hard.....

Ahhhh, I know....

Only the GOOD die young......

Rest in peace Dan.......

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