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    New food market opened in Granada

    We are in the pre Grand Opening planning for our market and carneceria located in Granada. We are already open everyday from 7am to 10pm on Calle La Libertad at the Papa Q Bridge. We are carrying...
  2. New store in Granada need to buy a two glass door commercial refrig

    Opening a new grocery store in Granada need to buy a two glass door commercial refrigerator, prefer used even not not working if complete and inexpensive. Please call me at 88387010 Claro or email me...
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    Re: Google voice quoting $0.15/ min to Nicaragua

    I have been using Yahoo Voice here in Nica, just easier to recharge than my cell phone...a liitle more expensive than Google Voice anyone using Skype within the country? My magicjack has been a...
  4. Want to buy household furniture and appliances in Granada

    Try to furnish 2 bedroom house including the kitchen and living room. Please let me know what you have for sale.

    Please email me at kmegeff (at) wpscat dot com
  5. Wanted to buy used shelves for a retail store

    I want to buy about 120 running feet of 1 foot wide metal/metal or metal/wood by 6 foot tall industrial quality shelves for a new retail business. I prefer shelves in the Granada or Managua areas,...
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    Need housing in Esteli

    We are looking for economical hotel/hostel with a kitchen in Estel. Any recommendations. We will be in Esteli for 2 - 3 weeks.

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