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Thread: Importing Things Versus Moving With Things

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    Default Importing Things Versus Moving With Things

    I Have posted several times about this so called Importing issues I guess they get lost in the shuffle, so here I go again,this time on a personal entry.

    There is a difference between Importing things,and Moving With Things .

    1) In order to import things you don't necessarely need to permanently live in Nicaragua,as long as you own a business you can pretty much import business related items with None or Half Duties. Check the [b]Custums/Aduana Link

    2) Now When you decide to make a permanent move,Which is a huge step, if Done right, You should be able to Bring ALL you household items, such as a tv,bedroom set,stove etc .

    The first step should be to apply for residency in Nicaragua,once residency is granted you should be able to ship all you household goods,pets duty free,under the Menaje De Casa Rule What is Menaje De casa? </a>. (rule that applies to us Nicaraguans),problem is, many folks,including Nicaraguans don't know about the Menaje De Casa rule,one is allowed,once One decides to permanently move back to Nicaragua, I sugest to contact a custum's broker to give you indepth info on the menaje rule,and how much he will charge you in order to process your container's paperwork/Customs entry paperwork.
    Once again browse the Customs/Aduana link posted above,it is loaded with info.

    In Addition here is the Link to one of the best Container shipping company in the world, they have service to Corinto and Puerto Cortez Honduras, you can ship personal stuff and vehicules with them, I believe they can place the container right on your home to be filled and then once filled they will pick it up,ship it and take the container to the desire city in Nicaragua, ofcourse this cost and additional FEE, call them and find out. Below is the Link. Container/vehicule shippment

    Hope this helps.


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    Default convenience and usability

    I wanted my limited lifestyle stuff here, guaranteed. I stripped out everything I could not live without and paid excess baggage to the airline and customs when I got here. Result: $600 in excess baggage. $600 in customs. All my stuff inside the country and in a pickup truck 2 hours after arrival at Managua.

    My stuff included the entire equipment for an internet cafe, 8 computers, wiring, projector, hubs. Computers were heavy, normal home stuff would not be this expensive.

    My friend Betty just waited 12 weeks for a truck and her worldly goods to arrive. Now she has her US home replicated on Nicaraguan soil and she is as happy as a clam. Cost her an arm and a leg. If I can live without stuff for 12 weeks, I think I can live without it permanently. They sell a lot of stuff here and much of my US stuff was old, worn, non-nica style. I replaced what I really needed and found that the rest was just 'stuff' that US marketing guys convinced me that I needed to buy.

    Do you really want a Chevy truck with 2 wheel drive, automatic transmission and air conditioning? Have you considered that nobody here drives one and nobody knows how to fix them? That side by side icemaking fridge will be expensive to fix. The shipping cost on a microwave exceeds the cost of a new one here.

    One of those choice things. I went for fast simple cheap. Your requirements and experience may vary.

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    Default You said

    You said ...If I can live without stuff for 12 weeks, I think I can live without it permanently.

    Sounds like good advice...
    Life's different here ... It's a whole 'nother pace.

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    Great advice. I've been downsizing for the last three years.

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    Default Re: Importing Things Versus Moving With Things

    Another word of advise:.

    Do your homework on finding a good trust worthy Customs broker to clears your items in Nicaragua.
    Customs broker's FEES should not exceed $250,it should be between $100-$250 ,anything higher means you're getting ripped off!.

    Good Luck!

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