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Thread: How to register your new used vehicle in Managua.

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    Default How to register your new used vehicle in Managua.

    Once you have the new escritura in hand, and the old circulacion card... here are the steps in getting the vehicle in your name and on the road:

    1) Make 4 copies (for good measure) of the escritura, and the circulacion.

    2) Take the New escritura and circulacion and purchase at least the basic, obligatory insurance (Cost U$52 dollars at most insurance companies for a private vehicle).

    3) Make 4 copies (for good measure) of your new insurance policy and of the insurance card.

    4) Make 2 copies of your cedula, passport, or other ID in which you used and is stated on the new escritura to identify you.

    5) Visit your Alcaldias district office (mine is in Huembes Mercado) and purchase there a Rodamiento sticker (100 cordobas for a private vehicle).

    6) Keep the Reciept of the Rodamiento and for good measure make 1 copy. Note: even if your vehicle has a valid rodamiento sticker, you are going to need a reciept, so you are most likely going to need to buy a new one.

    7) Have an emissions check done on the vehicle from one of the official stations, you will find one in front of La Salle (cost at the station 100 cordobas)

    7a) If you have a classic vehicle and the emissions do not pass, no problemo, take the reciept that says in spanish "Rejected" to transito and ask which comisionado can sign in off. They should quickly write a not on the back and sign it. The note will state that the vehicle is a classic, and the emissions test does not matter.

    8) Have a mechanical check done of the vehicle, also at one of the official stations, the same station in front of La Salle can also do this, but there are many around Managua. (Cost at the station 300-350 cordobas depending on the station)

    9) Once you have the "Passed" forms, and you have put the new emissions sticker on your front window, make 1 copy of each of the documents you were given (for good measure).

    10) Make sure your 1 required extinguisher has a meter that shows that its still good, and make sure your emergency triangles are in good shape.

    11) Go to a bank and pay for the following: New license plates (125 cordobas), Matricula (125 cordobas), New Circulacion card (50 cordobas). Note: If you have made changes to the vehicle check with the transito office to see how much you need to pay at the bank and any other requirements)

    11a) Change of color, pay at the bank (50 cordobas)

    11b) If you changed the color of your vehicle you will need to purchase a legal document form (5 cordobas) and write (hand written is fine) that you changed the color of the vehicle from X to Y. In my case the letter was written to Comisionado Luis Valle Corea.

    12) Keep all reciepts from the bank, they will be collected. For good measure make 1 copy of all of the reciepts.

    13) Visit a public notary or lawyer that can authenticate your document copies and authenticate: 2 copies of your escritura, 1 copy of your insurance policy. (cost at a quick place should not be more than 50 cords per document, there is no reason for it to be more, all they do is rubber stamp and sign it, no typing involved).

    13) Take your vehicle to the new DGI office behind the new National Cathedral in Managua.

    14) Buy 2 of the DGI's official stamps that have a value of 10 cordobas each (DO NOT throw away the receipt from the stamp purchase, you will turn that in).

    15). Sit down with a DGI representative (they wear really cute chicha colored shirts, so much pink in this office and so many men! worth a picture) You will be handing in one of the authenticated escritura copies, a copy of your ID, a copy of the old circulacion card, the 2 stamps (and the reciept from the purchase of the stamps), and I can't recall, but you may also hand in a copy of the insurance. A DGI representative will inspect the car, look at the motor and chassis numbers to make sure they match the escritura and circulacion.

    16) Go back to the DGI the following day (yes its 1 day for turn around). The agents will have determined the value of your car, no matter what your escritura says you paid for it (remember you are supporting the 2011 FSLN election campaign ). So in my case they practically doubled the value that I supposedly paid for it. You can pick this value form up at the first office closest to the parking lot. (the tax is 1% of the value, example: 10,000 cordoba vehicle = 100 cordobas in taxes)

    17) Go across the street, and get in line for the cashiers window and buy 2 forms (2 cordobas each), get back in the EXACT same line again (with the blank forms which the cashier will fill out).

    18) Make 1 copy of all documentation you are given here (for good measure).

    19) Bring tools to take off and put on the new License plates at Transito.

    20) Visit the Transito office (I went to the one behind Huembes Mercado).

    21) Pay 5 cordobas to enter into the inspection lot.

    22) Put your car in line or park it close by, and go get in line with all of your paperwork to have the vehicle inspected by an officer.

    23) The Officer will take from you the old circulacion card, your ORIGINAL Escritura (this is why its important to have an authenticated copy for yourself), the ORIGINAL copy of your insurance policy, the original emission and mechanical inspection documentation, the original DGI paperwork, a copy of your ID that you used to purchase the vehicle, documents stating changes made to the vehicle, the original reciepts from the bank that shows that you paid everything in the bank, the original reciept from your rodamiento, and I think thats all (almost positive everything collected is listed).

    24) Wait to be called to bring your vehicle in, and drive it in when they tell you to do so. Be alert during the inspection, know where the chassis number, and motor number are. Be ready to show your extinguisher, 2 triangles, the light switch, wipers, horn, etc. (In my case they were busy so they just checked the numbers and that I had my emergency stuff).

    25) Typically they take your old license plates at this point, so get ready to remove them if they don't have the tools (and the license plate sticker in the front window). Park the vehicle ahead, and go back and have a seat and wait to be called.

    26) When you are called you will be taken to a nice chilly A/C room, where you will wait yet again, and be given a slip of paper sealed with a rubber stamp. This paper will state your new license plate number. Have a seat and wait again to be called.

    27) This time you will be escorted yet again to another area where you will wait to be called to the window. At this point they will hand you your new license plates and matching front window sticker.

    28) Go put the new license plates on your vehicle, sticker in the front window, and have your new circulacion out, they will check that it matches your new license plates at the gate when you are leaving.

    29) Make 2 copies (for good measure) of your new Circulacion card.

    30) Go visit your insurance companies office (if you have basic coverage, there is just about every company at Transito before you leave), and present your new Circulacion card. They will make you a new insurance ID card that reflects your new license plates.

    31) Go home and drink a lot of cold beers, you deserve it!

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    Default Re: How to register your new used vehicle in Managua.

    Directions may be possibly simplified, changed or completely different in small towns. You may also eliminate almost all of the above steps by paying for someone to take your vehicle and get it registered for you!

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    Default Re: How to register your new used vehicle in Managua.

    Quote Originally Posted by tresfrijoles View Post
    You may also eliminate almost all of the above steps by paying for someone to take your vehicle and get it registered for you!
    I like that option best. That, plus the cold beer.

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