So I was on picture duty this past weekend at the most recent Niece's baptism.

As I snapped and showed and snapped and showed there was 3 or 4 comments that they could "not see their feet". Now for myself I typically frame at the knees or the torso as (to me) a full body groupshot is to hard to frame initially or crop later. Just like the first example below...

Well Nella (White and black stripes) insisted and persisted so I did a shoot one ( the second shot) . I had received similar requests in the past, this time the request actually sunk in..

And there were a couple more through the evening..

Finally I had to ask.. "Why the feet?" .. She skirted the answer but I insisted and persisted.. and Finally she told me.. "To show the shoes".. Then it all made sense..

So Rule #3 of photography at Nica gatherings.. Show the shoes