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Thread: Get a Nicaraguan Passport

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    Default Get a Nicaraguan Passport

    1. Go to a bank, and pay 350 cordobas, tell the cashier its for a new passport. Collect the reciept and bring it with you to Migracion.

    2. Make a copy of your cedula, front and back, zoomed in.

    3. Also bring your original cedula with you

    4. Bring your original birth certificate (and a copy)

    5. 2 Passport size photos.

    6. For Women - If you would liked to have your spouses name on your passport, bring the original marraige certificate and a copy.

    7. Pay 3 cordobas and collect your paperwork to fill out.

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    so i can get one? good way to travel to cuba!
    All this for a flag? Michelle Obama

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