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    We've received many things from the USPS. Over the past 6 years, only one thing never made it, tulip bulbs, but we did get a paper from the Nica postal system saying they had been confiscated. I imagine they're in some Nica's yard in Managua right about now.

    Packages of several pounds of amaranth seeds came in no problem, as did a package of 2 bottles of homemade wine from Texas.

    There are no guarantees down here, though. I'd hate for you to lose the cameras because someone here gets greedy. Do you know anyone who has a Nicabox acct? They're really secure, but may be pricey depending on the individual's weight limit on their account. For instance, my acct has a 5lb per month limit and they get you big time if you go over that. Maybe their website has some helpful info for you?

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    Thanks for the reply Catahoula fan. I think we will ship it U.S. Postal I feel it should arrive easily as we are sending to a school called UCC in Managua. I will buy the insurance and cross my fingers it gets there.

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    I just had a series of samples of building materials sent to me... it took 4 weeks but they arrived intact. These samples would be worthless to anyone but a camera could prove to be too tempting for a ´person who makes less in two months than the value of one camera.

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