The property is located in La Concepción in the department of Masaya. It is less than 1 km off of the carretera Ticuantepe. It is 2 manzanas and heavily forested with over 400 trees including mandarina, naranja agria, limon, coco, plátano, aguacate y café. There are two houses under construction at the top of the sloped property and several fantastic vistas of the valley surrounding Volcán Masaya. The big house is 110 M2. The small house is 51 M2. The large house has 1 bedroom, 1 shared bathroom, 1 master suite with private bathroom, kitchen, comedor, and a terraza with a view of the volcano. The small house has 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, 1 large security closet and front porch. The floor is made of ladrillo de barro. The roof is made of perlines, caña y tejas. There is running water from the city as well as a water tank. The septic system in place.

The road from the carretera is adoquinado and a new hospital was built within 1/2 km just last year.
My intent was to open a B&B in an area that has little to offer in terms of accommodation but has everything to offer in terms of a peaceful, cool (relatively speaking), beautiful location. I am selling this amazing place that I fell in love with over two years ago because I can no longer afford to continue with construction. The large house is only about $8,000 away from being complete. Paperwork is all in order.

If anyone is interested in seeing photos, please e-mail me at - Jessica