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Thread: Esteli /Northern Nicaragua Links/Info

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    Default Esteli /Northern Nicaragua Links/Info

    In Here I will Place Links to Esteli's Places to visit and Restaurants/Hotels later on,hopefully this will help folks that will visit Esteli,have a better idea where to go eat & sleep.

    <u>Nature Reserve Tisey Estanzuela:</u> This Nature Reserve in 10 KM south of Esteli or 140 KM North of Managua beautiful place I highly Reccomend it, plenty os snakes and critters so beware and alert if not ask John :-). Nature Reserve Tisey Estanzuela

    <u>Ecological Park Cantagallo</u> . This Park is only 22 KM east of Condega or 77 KM North east of Esteli. about 45 Min drive. Condega Info and Park

    <u>Reserva Natural La Patasta:</u>: Another short Drive from Esteli to the town of Pueblo Nuevo,coffe Fincas galore here. Reserva Natural La Patasta

    <u>Reserva Natural Miraflor:</u> Another short Drive 30 KM North East of Esteli, Cattle and Farming region. Miraflor Nature Reserve

    <u>Selva Negra Resort:</u> This is a lovely place,to enjoy some of Nicaragua's Finest coffee as well as a good dinner/lunch, this place is frequently used as a honeymoon get away,since they offer secluded cabins in the middle of the rain forrest Selva Negra Resort

    I will Post Restaurants and Hotels at a later Date

    Enjoy Esteli Responsibily


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    Default The furthest up North I have gotten is

    Selva Negra back in 1995. I mustmake it a point to get to Esteli next time. Thanks again FAP for all the links. Once again you are a great contributor to this site and knowledgeable about most things Nicaraguan.

    P.S. The dichos went over well during my last trip. I was able to conversate more with them.

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    Default Esteli

    Right on about Tisey, probably best area near Esteli, Miraflor overated.

    Selva Negra is great.

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