Cell phone is a cell phone

"Fixed line" or "Land line" is the standard table phone or cordless phone, like you see the evil mistress talking on in Novellas

This little base gives you the relative economy of a cell phone (e.g. having the hassle of a land line, or so I am told a land line is a hassle and big expense in country) without having to use the tiny cell phones they sell today.

Another Deal Extreme link..

This sort of set up would be ideal for seniors (MIL's, elderly Auants etc) that are really not overly anxious to jump into the cell phone age.

I have never heard on anyone having success ordering into Nica with that site yet so it may be an order to US or Canada and carry in sort of thing if of interest..

Oh.. It is a plug in the wall thing so when power goes out so does this..

The SIM goes in the white box and the standard phone plugs in the back..