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Thread: Why I took a Chance in Nicaragua.

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    Default Why I took a Chance in Nicaragua.

    People have asked me many times, Why are you moving back to Nicaragua? You have everything here, investing in Nicaragua is risky,how are you gonna live? are you gonna make enough money to support your family.bla bla bla.

    I have always long to go back to my humble country,take a chance and give it my all. Life in Nicaragua to me is totally different,from the hustle and bussle, I have been living for the past 24 years.

    My pointers on why I decided to make my move 2 years ago.(Bussiness Wise)

    1) In Nicaragua I don't need to be rich to live Richly.

    2) Richly to me, does not mean,amenaties,money wise,is more like living richly with nature,humble people,rich culture.

    3) I had a desire to have my own bussiness,no matter how small,just as long as I made enough money to support my family and live comfortably, and stop working for someone else, I have always wanted to be my own boss.

    4) I have always been a strong believer in "That One can achieve anything you want in Life, as long as you set you mind to it, and set your goals straight".

    5) I am 37, should I fail,or stumble, I will get right back up and start over,the Wade Attitude "Fall 7 times, Get up 8" I preffer take a chace and fail, then not do it and pounder later on, what would have happened,should I had give it a try with faith and hard work.

    6) No Rush hour in Nicaragua!!! Unreal wooooohhhooooo.

    7) No Uncle Sam.(that itself should be a good reason to leave )

    8) Getting away from Hurricanes(my humble place is in Florida)

    9 Having, one of the Most Prestine and Beautiful Caribean Coast in the whole wide world, to place a hammock and sip on a Corona.(better than in the comercial)

    10) Did I mentioned an awesome Pacific Coast?

    11) Number 9 and number 10 , can help you lower the chances of a heart attack, by lowering you stress level.

    12) I was not looking at getting rich,more power to me if I do a few years down the road :-), it was more about,living life to the fullest, with enough money to put food on the table and go fishing every weekend.

    13) Not having to pay over $4,500 in bills every month, between, light bill, phone bill, cable, cars insurrance, mortgage, credit cards(did I miss any bills?). Hell without those bills I could live like a king in Nicaragua every month.

    These are my 13 reasons why I took a chance in Nicaragua,eventhough right now I am having to travel like a mad man,in order to promote Our lil bussiness, at the end it will be all worth wile, because I believe in what I am doing, and it is up to me and my Family(with the help of Dios)to make it work.

    At the end of the day, it is the little things that matters the most,when one visits a small town,like the town of Asturias in Lake Apanas(as my example) everytime I go there, we take the folks small gifts, specially the kids, to see that smile on their faces when you give them a lil something, no matter how small it may be, it is extremely gratifying to know you have touched a kids life, after all we consider these small gifts as a token of appreciation,since they treat us like kings everytime we visit them.

    It is those little things, that makes life Rich for me, a day at the Lake,where all you see is Green mountains, peace and serenity, come back to the village after a day fishing in the lake, gather around with a cup of Don Toño's own coffee, he harvest his own coffee in Apanas,it is here where we hear the fish tales from our fellow fishermen, on "The big one that got away".Things seem to move a a slower pace in Nicaragua, could it be the reasons mentioned above?

    Just wanted to share with You all a little about myself .


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    Default Great Reasons

    Thanks for sharing.
    Life's different here ... It's a whole 'nother pace.

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    These are all the same reasons (more or less) why I want leave the USA and be in Nicaragua. As for your point # 5, don't try to under water 3 times and come up twice. Your posts are too valuable.

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    Good summary.

    But come on, there is a rush half hour about 5:30 pm in Esteli on Calle Central, no? :wink:

    Where do you go fishing every weekend, the Pacific or some nearby River? :?:

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