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Thread: If I Had More Time, I'd Write A Shorter Letter...

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    Default If I Had More Time, I'd Write A Shorter Letter...

    Okay folks, y'all are seriously gonna have to excuse me. I had an awesome post written. I tried to deal with Facebook for easier pic posting here, but that went haywire. My attempts at posting got suddenly sidetracked as my music turned to Christmas Tunes, and I was hooked! There is no putting Santa off...lo siento! I swear, Toña had nothing to do with it.

    At least my creation is a bit festive. JW called me today, and his ornery attitude and my desire to feed came together in a creation that I hope to be able to take to him this next week. We'll have to see what his doctor says, but I'm hoping to fill a basket full of concoctions from my kitchen which will tempt his tastebuds and put that so needed weight on his bones.

    Today's creation, a triple pepper corn chowder, came from a desire to give JW incredibly tasty and HEALTHY food to eat. We'll see if I'm allowed to bring it in...I may have to sneak in a few of those banana peanut butter choc covered cakes for my favorite fella! Quizás.
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    Default Re: If I Had More Time, I'd Write A Shorter Letter...

    Well he is Managua now .... just deliver it!
    Life's different here ... It's a whole 'nother pace.

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