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Thread: The Cultural Divide

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    Could you please post about the trip?
    Been meaning to do that for quite some time........soon come. Bonanza to Puerto Cabezas too!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dr. Demento View Post
    i didn't argue that texas was part of the usa expansionism... i argued that santana invited settlers then changed the constitution. the texicans then declared thier independence....

    yes, i think the texicans feared mexico and clamored for statehood...
    Hooray for Manifest Destiny!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daddy-YO View Post
    Spinning that wheel of history once more:

    Had the secessionist movement which established the Confederate States of America, with Texas + 10 other states, succeeded, their plans were to expand their territory to include Mexico and the Central American isthmus. Nicaragua would have likely become a Confederate state.

    Just prior to the US Civil War, Wm Walker of Tennessee “organized several private military expeditions into Mexico & Central America, with the intention of establishing English-speaking colonies.” see Wiki (quoting from their article here) With 45 men he ‘conquered’ Baja which he named the “new Republic of Lower California” and made himself president. Mexico soon chased him out.

    This was during the California gold rush and Nicaragua was the main crossing point for people & goods from the US East coast to the West. Cornelius Vanderbilt, the Wall Street tycoon, had an arrangement with Nicaragua to develop this route. But in 1854 Civil war broke out in Nicaragua between the parties of Leon & Granada. The president of Nicaragua, of the party of Leon, invited Walker & his mercenaries to fight on their side. Their defeat of Granada left Walker controlling the Nicaraguan army and thus the government. “U.S. President Franklin Pierce recognized Walker's regime as the legitimate government of Nicaragua on May 20, 1856.”

    Vanderbilt’s subordinates tried to work out a deal with Walker, side-stepping boss Cornelius, but he caught on and “pressured the U.S. government to withdraw its recognition of Walker's regime.”

    Walker meanwhile continued to talk of conquering Central America, so Costa Rica declared war and effectively knocked him out of Nicaragua. In his single year as president, he “launched an Americanization program, reinstating slavery, declaring English an official language and reorganizing currency and fiscal policy to encourage immigration from the United States.” Revoking Nicaragua's emancipation edict of 1824, increased Walker's popularity in the South and attracted investors.
    Where is William Walker now that we need him?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Little Corn Tom View Post
    Great find ... just downloaded it to my Kindle for $2.02 .... thanks
    Could you please post about the trip?
    Quote Originally Posted by Chicago John View Post
    I read this one last year before going down the Rio San Juan. A great read on Vanderbilt, Walker and the history of Nicaragua at that time.
    That's a ditto on LCT's reply. Looking brought up: The War in Nicaragua [Paperback]
    by William Walker, Amz Price:$27.93, "an EXACT reproduction of a book published before 1923".
    All 3 reviewers gave it 5 stars.

    Didn't see a Kindle version available.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daddy Yo
    That's a ditto on LCT's reply.
    Great...hope you both enjoy the book. Another good one , although nothing to do with the cultural divide is Edward Marriott's "Savage Shore, Life and Death With Nicaragua's Last Shark Hunters"

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