From Philippe Tisseaux,
La Esquina del Lago, San Carlos Sport fishing, Rio San Juan, NICARAGUA.

I report Great Tarpon fishing in October and November on Upper part of Rio San Juan in Nicaragua...
Fishing for our Giant Tarpon will be great till at least midle of May 2011.

Some news has been recently broadcast all over the World upon Rio San Juan....
Far away down river at 120 miles from our fishing spots there is actually a border conflict between Nicaragua and Costa Rica.. It is upon which country own a small territory located at end of the river...
The area in conflict is located at river mouth on the Caribbean between Bara de Colorado in Costa Rica and San Juan del Norte in Nicaragua. .International organization OEA are moving, International medias are present, Bara de colorado airport in Costa Rica is closed....

I feel confident than this will be solved quickly but I decided not to go there with Guests for a while ( Sometimes on special request we go with Guest all the way down Rio San Juan at 120 miles from our Spots to also fish the Caribbean sea.. )
I will advise when we will do these Special trips again...

There is No problem at all in our area located at other extremity of the river at 120 miles... Where river start (Nicaragua Lake)
We are located far away and I absolutely confirm than all is peaceful and quiet in and around San Carlos... also Down River to El Castillo..along Indio Mais national Park etc ... Problem is on the last 3 miles of river at 115 miles from us.

I am pleased to report actual great fishing for our tarpon average size 90lb-200lb
What happened is than this year level of river is very high due to heavy rain all around Central America...
Higher river more tarpon coming... from sea...With Destination Nicaragua Lake.. We are located on the Tarpon Highway.
We actually have and are going to have very very good fishing from now till End of April 2011 (During all High season ..)
As every year Tarpon will stay and be Active on Rio San Juan and Nicaragua Lake till minimum beginning of May due to ideal temperature of water and abundant feeding. After water temperature will be too high till beginning of July. (In this two month only even if tarpon are here they are more difficult to catch as feeding at night when water gets a bit cooler...)

I remind everybody than our fishing is in quiet fresh water at 120 miles from sea so OPTIMUM CONDITIONS to fight fish from our low profile Sport fishing boat who have T-top and Large Platform in front from where Angler fight the fish.
There are very few Places in the world like that, Expert even say than our fishing spots are UNIQUE because of the size of fish we catch.. 90lb -200lb+ Range

Last minute 11 of November 2010 fishing report
Fishing two days (8 &9 of November 2011) 3 Anglers from USA
We report.. Tarpon bites 50 Tarpon on 24 10 Tarpon Caught and released Size of fish between 90lb and 180lb
All in quiet fresh water at 120 miles from sea.

I offer all include fishing Packages Adventures on upper Rio San Juan from International Airports of Managua Nicaragua, and San Jose or Liberia in Costa Rica... Where we receive our Guests.
We are in Business since 1998, received around 1400 Guests...
My Fishing trip Adventures are YES in remote area but 100% safe.
We receive all guests on Arrival at International Airports...

I only offer top fishing and Professionals service as described in FIELD & STREAMS, SPORTFISHING MAGAZINE, DISCOVERY CHANNEL etc.. You will find links to these Articles on my web Page at

Philippe Tisseaux
Owner La Esquina del Lago, San Carlos Sport Fishing. E-mail

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