Be on the look out for 3 kids - 8 to 10 yrs old.. All 3 have buz cuts, one with a black hat..

All 3 have empty water bottles with some rice in it.. I guess they use the sound(s) to signal each other.. One large man is the drop off person.

Scenario: Nov 10 Timon resturant 6:30PM the 3 kids are seen playing and singing ... Lady one table over focuses on text received on phone. Kid with cap pinches camera from table and runs to the street where large man (assumed) runs off with booty..

Kid with cap caught, other 2 guilty by association.

Lady was in tears as it was all of her CA vacation pictures..

El Timon staff helped in aprehention of the boy with the cap but it all seem... well.. Only my gut here... almost staged..

Anyways.. Kids on beach at dark with some sort of audio cue.. Keep belongings close and tight..

There was talk of police for the child and where we decided we should exit after trying to tell her that that was a pointless endeavor.. But hey.. Maybe it worked for her.. Don't know the outcome