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Thread: US Embassy for Sale, move in date set for New building

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    Default US Embassy for Sale, move in date set for New building

    The personel of the Embassy of the United States are projecting that they will move to the new building in August.

    The present building they are in has been a "Temporary building after the destruction of the former embassy located near the Loma de Tiscapa zone, during the 1972 Earthquake that rocked Managua.

    Originally after the destruction of the embassy in '72, the temporary building was only supposed to house the personel for 5 years, but it turned into 35 years.

    The ambassador Paul Trivelli said that the present building is "For Sale" on the Internet at a base price of U$2,000,000 dollars.

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    The For Sale add would read something like:

    Did you ever dream of owning your own City Block, well now you can, just minutes from the crystal clear waters of Lago Managua.

    For just U$2,000,000 dollars you will get EXTREMELY high security walls with the most up to date barbed wire.

    A swimming pool for the ENTIRE family.

    A secret (not so Secret now) underground bomb shelter / CIA torture chamber.

    Plenty of Parking, with the removal of a few trees you could land a helicopter.

    Armed Guards and US Flag NOT included <<<--- Fine Print

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    Default Hmmm...

    Do you suppose the secret room is where the 50 buses are kept?
    Life's different here ... It's a whole 'nother pace.

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    Default Fair price

    Seems like a fair price for all that land and buildings.

    At the peak od the real estate boom someone here purchased a house 4/2 2300SQ for 900,000 USD. and it was nothing special. You could have gotten this house for 250,000USD back in 1999.

    All relative I guess.

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    How about if it gets used as the presidential palace? With bomb shelters, surely he'd jump at the opportunity?

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    Ortega didn't want to use the Casa Mamon because he said it had bad "Karma" from the past 2 governments of Aleman and Bolanos. I SERIOUSLY doubt he would take the US Embassy, as Rosario Murillo would flip her lid!

    ...BUT I would not be surprised if Iran, Libya or other government decides to make it their embassy! ugg could you imagine that.

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