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Thread: House (Non wish) list - The next chapter

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    Default Re: House (Non wish) list - The next chapter

    You'll have to solve the heat absorption problem or you'll be renting out $200/month solar powered bakeries. Maybe build a lightly constructed roof over it, just to keep the sun off it entirely.

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    Default Re: House (Non wish) list - The next chapter

    That's a good idea and what I have over what we are building for a living space on the farm. It's an extension of the bodega, really high roof, "house" will also have some roof or ceiling, but plenty of air can circulate, and no direct solar will hit most of the house. I'll try to get a pic.

    I DO like the container idea, seen some great ideas, but they will need a lot of cutting to get where you want to be.
    Have you priced used containers in Nicaragua? Maybe out the back door at Corinto?

    I was up there yesterday checking things out, and to to pass the kid around,,, you know Nicaraguans and babies. He came home exhausted, fussy, and starved, but bounced back this morning like nothing had happened. He's so good around strangers that he gets taken advantage of a bit.

    He's "mostly" sitting up. Fed him some applesauce this morning. Now that I'm out of the US don't have to listen to his pediatrician who says : "No solid food until six months". She also said, "No juice or water, he gets enough water with his milk". But, he would resemble a prune if we didn't pour the water down him on the way here. It was hot, especially in Bahia Kino and Mazatlan.

    I lost a lot of my blind faith in the medical community when Ariana's milk didn't come in immediately, hombrecito was starving, and they didn't want to give him a bottle because of possible .... "nipple confusion".

    I put on my best "Make Friends and Influence People" attitude and said,,, "give me a GodDa*m bottle".

    Lot of rain in Estelí but very little at the farm. Never seen it so dry. Lake is really down (another pic), but spring is still producing well.

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    Will look forward to the drawings. Helped a guy out that bought an old house and is going to try and add a couple containers onto it. If you want any S-Up files just let me know.

    I also started following a guy's blog a couple years ago while he was building a conex house in Panama. Turned out really nice.
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    Default Re: House (Non wish) list - The next chapter

    Maria seen me Sketch-up-ing last night (I hesitate to say "Drafting)

    Rolls her eyes saying "Not that again"

    So change of plans - Interior will be container with stone walls on the outside and some inside. This way Mamma is happy, and I get the steel framed interior for my piece of mind.

    Maybe the 1 or two inches between the stone and wall will give some draft for cooling.

    Rev 2, clean sheet, should be done by the weekend .
    Dude !!!.... Its a Canal !!! Can you Dig it ??

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