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Thread: Pecans?

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    Default Pecans?

    While traveling in Nicaragua last week, one person asked me if pecans were grown in Nicaragua, and if not, why not. Having no idea, I told him I would post the question here and report back to him with your inputs.

    That said, I cannot recall ever seeing locally grown pecans in Nic, but never really looked for them. Have had much opportunity to see and buy cashews, but never pecans. If they were able to be grown, I'm not sure how much of a local market there would be for them, but perhaps as an export?

    Kevin/Melissa ~ as local growers, have you ever tried or know of anyone who grows pecans? What would be the advantages/disadvantages of doing so in your opinions?
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    Default Re: Pecans?

    Pecan trees need a cold snap to set fruit as do many fruits and flowers (apricots and tulips come to mind). Good luck finding that here (although it has seemed way to chilly in the mornings for me lately ).
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