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Thread: Metal T-Posts??

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    Default Metal T-Posts??

    I think this has been asked a few times over the years, Anyone ever run across T-Posts in Nicaragua?

    My fence is 3 years old and in a sad state. The fence was built using 300 or so posts, set at 6' apart. They are mostly "plum", moon phases and all that were taken into consideration when cutting, most are in the 6" size. I have replaced at least half over the past few years and all I see is a losing battle ahead of me. I need to get the front 1/2 of the land secured in the coming months, The garden I need to protect from animals (cows and horses). I may end up just building a fence around the garden and worrying about the rest later on.

    The idea of a living fence is appealing to me, the idea of 300 "trash" trees planted every 6' around the perimeter of my property is not. I would much rather have 100 coconuts around the perimeter instead.

    Before building the fence I was nearly convinced on concrete posts, I just could not justify the costs. Some lessons you learn the hard way. Like I always say, sometimes free ain't cheap.
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    Default Re: Metal T-Posts??

    Kev, San Francisco Animal Feed, just north of Diriamba on the Carr Sur, is using them. They've got a warehouse on the West side of the hwy, but the business driveway is on the East side, just a bit closer to Diriamba (south). If you go down that driveway to the main office, they should have the info for you. Not sure if they were bought in country or brought in, I can't recall seeing them used anywhere else.

    Don't get me started on fencin'! We put in concrete posts on the finca. It was gorgeous! The wild Ochomogo cows didn't think much of it though. They loved using them as scratching posts. Needless to say, they didn't stay straight for very long. I still think it's the prettiest fencing besides doing the whole thing in wood, but it wasn't very practical for our purposes (a hard, expensive lesson to learn ).

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