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    My ex pig is slated to meet it's maker on Friday, as usual I have put in first dibs, do not cut until I arrive. I will take one side of ribs and probably a shoulder too (depending on the electric situation). Nicaraguan butchers do not understand the concept of large pieces of meat, everything must be chopped and then chopped some more. I hate bone shards in my teeth so unless I get the first cut I pass. First time I showed up with a hacksaw they laughed, then they saw dust instead of shards, dust my teeth can handle.

    I guess some ribs, potato salad, slaw, maybe baked beans, not exactly Turkey, but looks like that is the menu.
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    Pork is good any day of the year! We'll be having duck and, hopefully, sweet taters. Got my fingers crossed they're ready to eat by Christmas Day.
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    Old Pennsylvania Dutch thing is you eat chicken or turkey on christmas because they scratch away from them when they eat, thus sending all the bad mojo away from you at the end of the year. You eat pork on new years day because a pig brings it's food toward it, therefore bringing you all good stuff for the rest of the year. In short, save some of that pork for new years day!
    It's all part of the adventure!!

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