The closer one gets to Christmas in Nicaragua, the harder it is to get anything done. Trying to accomplish some shopping in Managua yesterday reminded me that any trip to Granada today to deal with a gov office was a pure waste of time. We chose instead to hook up with friends in Ochomogo.

The little restaurant on the north side of the Ochomogo Bridge is a great place to get together for arañas, fried cheese and cold beer. The fellas ordered burgers, something they probably won't do again. The buns were twice the size of the tiny burgers!

Several cold beers later and we were all ready for an adventure; time to look for guineas. We walked down the legal road to our property, stopping at a few houses to ask for guineas. It was hard for the locals to understand what we were saying, but they were anxious to sell us chickens and chased theirs around the yard for awhile until we said "no gracias". We finally decided to try the other side of the highway, Paso Real de Ochomogo.

Parked in front of El Gato's. It's a bar/restaurant in this tiny community. We've got quite the history with this establishment, some good memories, mostly bad. After a beer and some questions to Gato's wife, we had decided we would look for the animals on our own. Just then, the friendly young fella from next door came around. He's the same Nica who found us our horse, Rocinante. I can find them and you check back later, he said in Spanish. Nope, not good, find them now.

Sure enough, a few minutes later he had found a friend and they were ready to show Roger where to find guineas. My friend and I stayed at the bar (somebody had to hold down the fort!!!) and the fellas drove away. While they were gone, El Gato showed up. He came right over, sat down, and started grilling me about Don Roger, our land and the upcoming sale. I'm able to converse much better with him than I used to (not really sure that's a good thing yet) He told me he set up that sale...yeah right...Gato sure hasn't changed at all with time! I know the 5% goes to Julio Vaca, regardless of Gato's attempts to steal it.

The fellas returned not much later with 2 guineas and tales of 5 Nicas trying to chase down wild guineas. Once the two were caught, the workers couldn't get within a hundred feet of the rest. The owner said to come back next week. Whatever. We let our friends, newbies to the adventures in Nicaragua, have these two birds and we'll pick up more later. We have more than enough ducks right now to keep us hoppin'!

Yet another good day in this beautiful, tropical country. A bit crazy at times, perplexing most of the time, and always adventurous!