Let me begin by saying all of this information is second hand, but coming fom a number of people. I tend to believe it, and will go take a look to make sure in a bit. I am guessing word will hit the radio and news soon and if true a war will break out between the families of those resting and those that put them to sleep, the jailhouse will have a crowd building by now.

Seems some fellows got the idea to play reverse Santa, hijacking a lobster boat and taking it's cargo. Nothing uncommon here, but all reports are indicating Islanders were the hijackers, a little rarer. I think JW has written some about this and how it turned out for one of the most famous hijackers on the Coast.

Reports are that 2 Islanders are resting soundly (and will be forever more) on the wharf, 3 others wishing they could get some rest.