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    Default Bill_bly - Taxi Guy...

    A few months back (heck it may have even been a year) I asked whether a concert by Vicente Fernández was worth the coin.. Well something must have happened because he never showed..

    Well there is some group called "Aventura" up here this week (tonight and tomorrow) and they must be some sort of phenom, as tonight I am driving 7 usually rational adults and young adults to see this group in Brampton just beside the airport. The mear mention of the name draws giggles and screams...

    There are 2 or 3 other cars/trucks also going with associated loads of folks from Central America and Mexico tonight from my wife and Daughter's circle of family and friends.. And more of Family and friends going tomorrow..

    When I was asked to look up the tickets there was only one show and it was close to sold out.. I procrastinated a couple days and when asked to follow up I was presented with a second show and a pair of seats (16 rows of stage) for Wife and Daughter to sit in.

    Anyways it looks like I have to find a place to park and watch the planes fly by for 2 or 3 hours.. God willing I will not be handcuffed by the rent a cops for taking pictures of planes..

    There is a similar amount heading for a second show tomorrow...

    Looks like there still is money in Music, just that you have to show up and perform.. Which is how it should be...
    Dude !!!.... Its a Canal !!! Can you Dig it ??

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    Default Re: Bill_bly - Taxi Guy...

    You could pick me up a Dodge Challenger from the factory while you wait...

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