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Thread: Montelimar Resort at a real cheap Price

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    Default Montelimar Resort at a real cheap Price

    Myself along with my wife just got back from a two day getaway at Montelimar Resort and we had a wonderful time without the kids in tow. The kids stayed behind with their grandma. We came to celebrate my 51st Birthday (wow!!) We got it all for just $261.00 dollars for two nights. We had the resort pretty much to ourselves and the best part of it was that we are in the summer season. Here are some pics.
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    Default Re: Montelimar Resort at a real cheap Price

    Really like the last shot.....
    Life's different here ... It's a whole 'nother pace.

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    Default Re: Montelimar Resort at a real cheap Price

    Def, cute sunset shot! Looks like you and your bride had a great time. How was the food and did they have lobster?
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    Default Re: Montelimar Resort at a real cheap Price

    You are living the life now my friend, Young strong loving wife, and children around your feet. God Ain't it Sweet?

    And I know everyone needs a break once in a while, glad Ya'll enjoyed the getaway.
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