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Thread: The Ruins of Detroit...

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    Default The Ruins of Detroit...

    In french, but the Photos speak volums more than the text..

    A counter point... (30 min long video)

    There is a possible gathering of hobby photographers gathering in May or June to do a similar walk.. I may join them..
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    Default Re: The Ruins of Detroit...

    Detroit Will Rise Again
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    Default Re: The Ruins of Detroit...

    Annually, the industry I work in has a conference in some major city in the U.S. Past years have been in New Orleans, San Antonio, Orlando, San Francisco, New York, etc. Last year's was in Detriot.

    I heard a lot of speculation that it would not be well attended because of it being Detroit, and so many people had the impression that seems to be presented in the french photos in the above link - run down and dangerous.

    However, we had hundreds of people representing both suppliers and consumers and the only real issue that I heard of over the 5 days we were there, were self-imposed. That is, some of the participants in the conference got out of hand and were asked to leave. No issues as a result of it simply being Detroit.

    We spent some time on the water, rode the People Mover, attended a service at the old Mariner's Church, walked to Greek Town several times to eat at different restaurants, and were treated to a variety show at the Fox Theater - in addition to the time spent at the conference.

    I'm not ready to move there, but I have a whole new appreciation of what Detroit is, was and could be again.
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