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Thread: Children's books in Spanish needed on Ometepe Island

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    Default Children's books in Spanish needed on Ometepe Island

    When we moved to Ometepe Island, I brought 3 children's books in Spanish with me. My neighborhood kids are constantly reading these books over and over. The local elementary schools have no books that the children can read for pleasure. So, I am in the process of collecting children's books in Spanish to start a lending library near Moyogalpa.
    I've visited two lending libraries started by retired teachers in SJDS and Granada. I am also a retired teacher, so I have lots of experience in developing reading programs and activities in the schools for the kids.
    To begin, I need books...old, new..children's books up to the 5th grade level. If you are planning on visiting Ometepe Island, please drop-off a children's book in Spanish. The books can be delivered to the Landing Hotel or the American Cafe and Hotel in Moyogalpa. Tell them that they are for the book lady in La Paloma.
    Thanks for your help. I hope to open new windows to the world for the kids on Ometepe Island.

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    Default Re: Children's books in Spanish needed on Ometepe Island

    Hey that is really great, I have a dear friend in Baltimore that his wife teaches 6th grade in a innercity school and he brought down a bunch of paperbacks for my children. They were in English, but they didn't care they absorbed them anyway.
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