A robbery and an attempted robbery (with shots fired) near the beaches south of San Juan del Sur have frustrated tourism operators and worried tourists.

On Friday of last week, a lone female driver was held up by armed bandits as she was leaving playa Hermosa south of SJdS after a day at the beach. The driver (a ‘residential tourist’ from the US) managed to escape as 4 men with arms tried to stop her vehicle. She drove off at speed and the bandits opened fire, hitting her vehicle at least twice (once behind the rear passenger door and once in the drivers side rear bumper).

Remanso Beach was the scene of a robbery earlier this month when two tourists were robbed of 1,100 Córdoba’s and a $300 camera. The pair were walking back from the beach to their rental car when they were ambushed by three masked robbers wielding machetes. The victims have written to Del Sur News, read their Letter to the Editor on the next post.