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Thread: Is Winter finally arriving in Nicaragua?

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    Default Is Winter finally arriving in Nicaragua?

    I was surprised to see on the national news the hail that came down on Managua causing power outages and water outages throughout the city. On top of that two more earthquakes were recorded close to Managua with the epicenter in Lake Managua. Here in Chinandega we saw dark clouds and heard thunder and lighting in the distance but it never rained here on the same day that Managua had hail come down. We can sure use more rain since everything here in Chinandega is pretty much dried up. Could this be a sign from the Gods that winter is soon coming?

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    Default Re: Is Winter finally arriving in Nicaragua?

    So still and humid all day yesterday, you just knew rain was coming. Skies finally opened around 4pm and we got 1/2" here in Santa Cruz, just south of Jinotepe. The ducks were lovin' it!
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    Default Re: Is Winter finally arriving in Nicaragua?

    here in mga..the hail didnt do any damage near where i live..tica bus was a real fine almost like sleet type was the wind and the rain that caused the damage..and of course tree branches are never cleared

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    Default no rain so far today, but yesterday was a gully washer...

    now its just hot'n'humid
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    Default Re: Is Winter finally arriving in Nicaragua?

    September month is always my worst here.

    Rains every morning and then you stew for the rest of the day.
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