#2 in my series

While I have never seen it written on a map I am told that Reparto Fey is the center of the "area" I stay in Masaya.

For the sake of simplicity lets call this mid point between The "Oon de Ruun" (On the run) ESSo station on the Masaya hwy to from Granada/Managua to the old train starion.

Google maps... Fey

The On the Run Cheep Tona (with in reasonable walking distance) A bank machine that works with my Canadian "Plus network" card. My Interact card does/never has / worked on either of the machines. They have two, only the right one (and I am 990 % sure it is the BAC one) is the only one that works for me. Ice is available there. They did sell internet modems from Movistar on the Prepago plan in Aug 2010 and still did in Nov 2010.
The one armed fellow who has been there for 7 yrs (to my knowledge) always gets a cord or two from us.

The walk from the ESSO at night is uneventfull and well lit.

Fritanga - (Hope I spelt it right)

100m down the "Entrence to Masay" Street, down from the On the Run - Good Carne Asada

The Old train station Collection of Enchiladas and Taquitos.

West side of this park /bus stop - Collection of Enchilada Taquitos and Carne Asada


Brown roof by the white car on the east side of the road in this google map Good breakfest and lunch. Cool thatched roof dining area in the back. A couple doors down from a Cyber with good phone connection.

Mondongo Angeleta - Just north of the Green roofs in the center of this map If Mondongo is your thing.

Resturant / Bar

North east corner of this intersection by the train station - Good food fair prices Tona - Odd hours.