This is the City center of Masaya


In this map you see the train station at the top and the tourist market at the bottom.

Tourist Market

Gringo focused items at Gringo prices :-P

There is a show called "La Verbena" every Thursday featuring Traditional Nicaraguan dance. IIRC it is about $5 per Gringo

Flicker series of photos as a slide show.

Some Wiki

On the South side of the Market you will find branch offices of all of the major banks and a collection of well stocked Grocery stores IIRC they close from 11:30 - 2:00 for lunch

The Church square

The church is like all churches I have seen. Shot a wedding and a 15th B'day there.

There is a collection of pretty good restaurants around the perimeter. The plaza in the S/E corner has a photo printing place and a Payless shoes. There was a Pali too but I can not for the life of me recall if it closed when the new Pali on Car. Managua/Granada opened up.

Intercity microbus station Vans leave for Managua and Granada every 20 to 30 min @ 20 cord a person.

The road to the regular market is chalk full of cloths stores, watch and phone repair and jewelers.

A high end bakery and a sports/gunstore here beside the Gallo mas Gallo Sign

Here is a good place to pick up a bottle or two before your departure. Masaya Lqr store. They did have 18 yr on the last trip. The fellow across the street has as well.


There are a few up this street if you are interested in such. Also a fare place to exchange money if the money changers are done for the day and IIRC one has an ATM if you wanted to withdraw in safer surroundings at night. Street There are also a collection of discos that change hands continually (third hand info, never been but family tells me)

Baho Wilma is one of the busiest restaurants I have seen in Nica. Line starts to form at 7 and is still there past 11PM. Mid way down this street. Never actually had anything to eat there yet ( Nobody eats there anymore, it's too crowded.)